“1 of 4 Powerful Ways to Navigate Marketing CBD Online”

“1 of 4 Powerful Ways to Navigate Marketing CBD Online”

It is no secret that marketing CBD online has its fair share of obstacles. To find success, you must be creative and really focus on the audience that you are trying to attract. You must connect with them personally and help be a part of the solution in managing their day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, in the CBD industry, it can be difficult to take advantage of Paid Advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or YouTube because of their policies. Additionally, the language that you use is very important when promoting CBD as you can not make health or medical claims such as “relieves pain” or “reduces inflammation”.

Now, it doesn’t mean you should abandon ship just because there are waves in the water. There are many ways to successfully market your CBD products if you are willing to be diligent and creative. Today we will focus on 1 of 4 Powerful Ways marketing opportunities you can take advantage of to start attracting leads and converting online sales:

Content Marketing

1 of 4 Powerful Ways to Navigate Marketing CBD Online

Use Content (written and video) to Build Your Brand/Company

In the world of marketing, content is king. Amazing content is the key to attracting and connecting with your target audience. If you are just getting started you can simply begin by creating short videos or blog posts that are CBD and health focused. Remember, quality over quantity. One awesome piece of content is much more impactful than 5 mediocre ones.


The goal is to be a part of a solution to your customers’ needs in life. For instance, if they are an athlete with inflammation in their muscles from working out daily, a topical muscle cream, gel or even salve may help solve their daily problems. If someone is looking to improve their overall health, a tincture taken sublingually might help resolve their pain point. Target your marketing to these specific needs.


Customer testimonials of those already using your products are a powerful content source. A written version works well or even a screenshot from your Facebook or Google Business Page. Want to go above and beyond? See if you can get them to shoot a short video with you discussing their experience.


Another great way to get your brand out there is through guest-posting on someone else’s website or inviting a guest to post on your website. This can help you either speak to their built-in audience or their platform, or give some credibility and support to your message on your website. Having a link back to your website on their website will also help aid in SEO.

That was 1 of 4 Powerful Ways to Navigate Marketing CBD Online.

Keep in mind you need to share your content on your social platforms for natural reach and via email to your subscriber list (which we will get into later a couple weeks).

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