10+ Best Weed Grinders and How to Use a Weed Grinder [2019]

For all you smokers out there, from experienced cannabis connoisseurs to beginning joint rollers, a quality weed grinder is indispensable. A weed grinder makes your smoking life a lot easier, especially when you and your friends are easing into your high. You might think that picking and buying a grinder is easy, but it can actually be quite a task. First and foremost there is a great difference in quality. Ranging from low-quality plastic weed grinders for a few bucks, to the higher end stuff like an aircraft grade aluminum model finished with titanium.

Besides quality, the different functionalities can vary from one grinder to another. There are hand-cranked or electric herb grinders. Some have separate compartments to collect the larger pieces and a compartment beneath a screen to catch the pollen (also known as crystals, kief, or trichomes). The pollen contains an exceptionally high proportion of THC and falls from the cannabis flower during the grinding process.

Searching the market for the best weed grinder out there can be quite challenging. The thousands of suppliers and designs out there can make it a rather time-consuming task. And going through the different sites and shops requires a lot of effort. So we composed a list of the 11 best weed grinders out there today. We looked at the bulk of weed grinders and scored them on key aspects such as price, quality, what functionalities it has if it’s easy to use, and of course style and design!

So without further ado, take a look at our list of the 11 best weed grinders of 2017 and pick the one best suited to your needs and wishes. And start grinding today!

Quick Overview Best Weed Grinders

Weed Grinder Reviews

1 Phoenician Grinder



The Phoenician Grinder is one that needs to be on every list. From an industrial design perspective, Phoenician took another approach than all the other manufacturers in the marketplace. Though that puts a price tag on them, it makes them ideal for medical marijuana patients with joint pains. So all arthritis patients and other readers with physical challenges read carefully!. But mind you, the perspective the engineers of these grinders took is an interesting one also for all healthy smokers out there.

Design-wise these grinders reduced the friction of the grinding teeth by 50% compared to the average grinder.  To fully comprehend all the features that make this grinder the best on our list when ease of use is a top priority, check out their entire innovation story. It actually is a good read in itself for the technical-savvy among you.

More features that enhance user experience include a patented thread lock design of the bottom pieces. ‘Thread’ in this respect is actually quite counterintuitive because this design actually eliminates all screw threads. Apart from being an ultimately patient-friendly feature, the more experienced smokers among you may recognize a common weak spot in grinders you threw away over the years.

No matter how good the quality of your product, the screw thread which fastens the different compartments is always the part where your grinder will first start to fail. So Phoenician’s patented thread lock design will actually significantly lengthen the lifespan of the grinder.

As we all know, quality comes at a price. However, the perspective its engineers took when designing this top-notch grinder makes it one hell of a grinder. From a patient’s point of view, it is definitively the best buy out there. But also more regular smokers will find it worth their dollar to acquire such an innovative product as the Phoenician. A true number one.

Key features:





  • Best choice for arthritis patients
  • Unparalleled ease of use
  • High-quality aluminum
  • Patented thread lock design
  • Lobe-grip design for superior grip
  • Bowl-shaped pollen compartment for quick and easy gathering
  • Polycarbonate Lexan ring for smooth grinding
  • N52 Neodymium magnet

#2 Santa Cruz



The engineers from Santa Cruz put in a lot more effort than at other manufacturers. Like the Phoenician, this resulted in a more innovative grinder than your regular high-grade grinder, but this definitively comes at a price as well. But with price only being one of the aspects to look at, let’s look at some of the Santa Cruz’ features.

The most innovative feature that you will notice once you lift the lid, is the shape of the grinder teeth. The almost star-shaped teeth have the important trait that they resist pressure equally good in all directions. With more traditional blade-shaped teeth, thick marijuana bits between two grinding teeth could potentially bend the teeth a little out of place. Once this happens, friction between the teeth is heightened which can cause minuscule chips of aluminum to fall off into your ground weed. This poses a health risk. Apart from that, the unique shaped teeth have four (instead of 2) sharp edges. This speeds up the grinding.

Furthermore, the T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screen is the finest kief filter on the market today. Quantity-wise this will allow less stuff to fall through to the pollen catcher. But quality-wise this ensures that only kief will fall through and no any other debris of the grinding. So it will take a little more patience to fill your pollen catcher to a satisfying amount of kief. But trust us, this will be the best and strongest ‘fairy-dust’ you’ve encountered in your life.

Other high-quality features include a better-than-average threading design to improve the durability of the grinder. Thus making the Santa Cruz last significantly longer. It has a superior grip, enabling medical patients to have an easy to use grinding experience. And last but not least, Santa Crus grinders are cleansed with very strict Medical-Grade Ultrasonic Cleansing procedures. This removes literally all potential residue from the manufacturing process.

Just like the Phoenician, the Santa Cruz is a top-of-the-bill grinder. It is reflected in its price though. And because the features that make it stand out from the competition are somewhat less extraordinary than the Phoenician, it ranks one place lower. But make no mistake, when you can spare the money, this is an absolute must-have.

Key features

  • High-quality kief filter (T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel)
  • Uniquely durable threading design
  • High-quality aluminum
  • Superior grip
  • Cleansed with Medical-Grade Ultrasonic Cleansing procedures

#3 Kannastör Grinder

Kannastör Weed Grinder Reviews

Kannastör is a brand of grinders that has been around for a long time. Founded back in 2003, it has more than a decade of experience in making high-quality grinders. Kannastör is well known for its high-end materials and durable design. One of the industry leaders in this respect. This sleek model is made from durable food-grade anodized aluminum. This ensures a lifelong quality, definitely worth its buck. Furthermore, it is closed by a strong magnet. Perfect for those incidental knock-overs we all know too good. This strong magnetic closure holds everything together, making sure your weed isn’t spilled all over the floor.

The Kannastör is very easy to use due to its perfected design. The aluminum is manufactured in such a way that you don’t have pollen or kief stuck to the grinding teeth. Also, the holes are carefully designed to create the perfect balance between nicely ground weed and smooth grinding. This way you will never have over shredded weed that burns too quickly.

The Kannastör comes in a 2.2 and 2.5-inch version. Although the 2.2-inch version has a good and deep storage capacity. We recommend getting the 2.5-inch version. The main benefit is that the 2.5-inch Kannastör stores 10% more ground weed. Besides it is only marginally higher in price, making it an even better pick when you think of value-for-money. In general, Kannastörs are cheaper than most weed grinders in this quality segment.

The sleek design is more than just a beautiful, minimalistic look and feel. All those years of experience in making grinders come together in this model. Moreover, it has a transparent storing compartment which enables you to have a look at how much pot is left. Also, it has a screen between the bottom pieces that catch all the crystals (also known as keef or marijuana trichomes)

The Kannastör is one of our top picks in the market today. In its segment, quality-wise, it is a relatively inexpensive choice. It’s unique functionalities, great performance, and usability,  relatively low price and top-notch quality materials make it a lifelong smoking companion, really worth its money.

Key Features:

  • See-through lid
  • See-through sides of the storing compartment
  • Easily replaceable screens
  • High-quality aluminum
  • A strong magnetic closing mechanism
  • Large storage capacity
  • Unique calibration of drop through holes for perfect consistency
  • Best value-for-money in the market today

#4 Space Case Marijuana Grinder

Space Case Weed Grinder Reviews

The Space Case four-piece is one of the best quality weed grinders out there today. It has one of the best material specifications of all grinders available on the market today. High-grade aluminum combined with medical grade stainless steel make a very good quality product. With even a longer record of operations than Kannastör, Space Case has been perfecting its designs for 18 years now.

With your order, Space Case delivers a free triangle-shaped scraper to get even the last crystals out. It is designed to scrape around the edges perfectly. The device is also equipped with Teflon O-rings that makes a best-in-class grinding experience, even suited for arthritis patients.

One of the features that have entered Space Case’s products are the so-called centering wedges. This makes for a smoother grinding experience and most important for those of you that have been around their grinders; no more frustrating moments when your weed gets stuck and doesn’t fall through.

Key Features:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Anodized titanium coating
  • Neodymium rare earth magnets (ROHS compliant)
  • Teflon O-rings for the smoothest performance
  • Arthritis-friendly
  • Centering wedges
  • Free triangle scraper for your pollen reservoir

#5 Mama P’s

This, multiple award-winning, grinder must be in our top 3 definitely. It has a beautiful and robust design. Its standard edition comes in a silver/aluminum color at quite a steep price at first glance. However, the quality of Mama P’s weed grinder is truly unmatched. The only reason it didn’t rise to the top of our list is its price. When money isn’t an issue for you, Mama P’s is definitively your best choice.

The device is made from recycled aircraft aluminum and is coated in titanium, making it a scratch-free, rock-hard masterpiece. It is the Rolls Royce of grinders. Because of the anodized titanium coating, the razor-sharp grinding teeth never lose their sharpness. You’ll cut through your pot like a knife through butter. Mama P’s will give you the best weed consistency for your vaporizer. The cannabis pollen are collected in the bottom compartment for that extra touch in your smoke.

The anodized titanium coating also gives the aluminum the perfect finish to make sure nothing will stick to the grinding teeth and storing compartments, which in turn requires less cleaning than other grinders in the market. The A-grade materials it is manufactured from never lose their quality. And not from a marketing perspective. The manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty on this product.

Other handy features include a magnetic, refillable lighter that sits in the lid. When removed the top of your lid can be used as a mixing tray. Furthermore, the ergonomic design combined with the textured grip make it a top pick for patients that smoke medical marijuana with hand pains.

All in all Mama P’s should be on top of your list when money is not a problem. Its first-class materials, simple and clean design and best non-stick anodized titanium coating make it indeed the Rolls Royce of weed grinders.

Key Features:

  • Recycled aircraft aluminum
  • Anodized titanium coating
  • “Lighter Mate” magnetic lighter in top
  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Free triangle scraper for pollen collection
  • Arthritis-friendly ergonomic grip

#6 MasterGrind weed grinder

ring-to-perfection-braveeMasterGrind Weed Grinder ReviewsWe couldn’t make a perfect list without at least one good quality crank grinder in there. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a short explanation. Whereas more traditional grinders require you to twist the top and bottom in opposite direction to make the grinding teeth go through your pot, a crank grinder does not.

Resembling the design of archaic coffee grinders, crank grinders have a rotary crank which enables a more easy way of grinding by just spinning the handle. As with all manufactured products though, moving parts are the weak spot of a product. So typically crank grinders don’t last as long as more traditional grinders.

However good quality materials and a professional design can make it last for quite some time. The MasterGrind’s from Masterdam rotary crank is manufactured with ball bearings. These ensure the smoothest grinding experience possible. Moreover, by reducing friction to a minimum, ball bearings make sure the MasterGrind is wear resistant. Furthermore, the Sharpstone is made from high-grade aluminum, like most of our top 11 picks in this list.

The MasterGrind crank grinder from Masterdam comes with a clear lid. So while grinding you can see how your pot is being sliced. The MasterGrind is the best crank grinder available for purchase today. With its quality aluminum and ball bearings, it will last significantly longer than its competition. And so ensuring a spot in our list.

Key features

  • Clear lid
  • Rotary crank with ball bearings
  • Teflon O-rings
  • Pollen catcher with stainless steel micro mesh screen
  • Easy grinding, but shorter lifespan

#7 Golden Bell weed grinder

Golden Bell Weed Grinder Reviews

A classic for all first-timers. With a price typically under 10 bucks, this is a great buy for the occasional smoker. Truth be told, it is a different ballpark compared to other weed grinders in our list. But certainly, when money is tight, a very good pick.

The Golden Bell is perfectly summed up as “it gets the job done”. And for this price, you can afford to lose a couple during the year.

Of course, there is a solid reason you’re paying significantly more for our other picks in this list of 11 best weed grinders in 2017. It is slightly smaller than most other models on our list, making it hold less ground pot. Moreover, it is made from a heavy-duty zinc alloy, which is definitively less durable than the titanium coated aluminum models in our list.

However, it gets the job done pretty well, especially when you are not using a vaporizer. It is the best buy for everyone on a smaller budget. And of course, for the more amnesia-prone smokers, it is great to only lose 10 bucks when you forget where you put your weed grinder.

Key features

  • Very cheap
  • Decent materials
  • Pollen catcher and scraper included
  • Money-back guarantee by the manufacturer
  • Magnetic lid

#8 Black Tie Grinder weed grinder

Black Tie Weed Grinder Reviews

This is a grinder with a classy design. Quality-wise this grinder is definitively not in the top tier of grinders like our top 3 is. However with a price reflecting that quality it is a decent entry-level model.

Some of the higher quality features include an anodized aluminum design and quite a handy pollen catcher. The pollen catcher has rounded edges which make it a lot easier for you to get the kief out, which in other models sometimes tend to get stuck in the edges. Also, the Black Tie comes with two scrapers. As many of you’ve probably experienced, these little things tend to get lost quite easily, so a second scraper is a nice gesture from the manufacturer.

The Black Tie is a decent grinder for lots of uses. However, when your preferred style is vaping, this might not be the product for you. The Black Tie is known to produce a slightly coarser grind, not ideal to put in your vaporizer.

All things considered, the Black Tie is a decent model when you’re considering your first grinder. Do look out for reduced prices for this model, which tend to be around quite often.

Key features

  • Rounded edges of pollen catcher
  • Free extra pollen scraper
  • Anodized aluminum design
  • Decent entry-level price

#9 PenSimple

PenSimple Weed Grinder Reviews

We are quite charmed by this newcomer in the marketplace. It comes at a relatively high price, but there are some astounding features to this grinder that are truly unique.

Most eye-catching of course is the rather unusual form and design of this grinder. As the name implies it looks like a pen and thus has a rather discrete appearance. But besides the design, it has some interesting functionalities as well. It is especially useful for the more ambulant among us because it is easy to use even when walking.

First, the top of the PenSimple acts as an easy to use weed dispenser. Most important it is easily wielded with one hand. This way you can hold your smoking paper for example with one hand, while evenly distributing your ground weed with just the push of a button. It dispenses and closes automatically powered by a rechargeable battery on micro-USB. So the not uncommon spilling of your weed using a more traditional grinder is easily prevented by the PenSimple.

This extraordinary weed grinder is like other specimens in our top 11 made from aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized finish. This ensures that even the stickiest of weeds are easily passed through this model.

It’s not the cheapest model out there. But the PenSimple does have a competitive edge through its unique and discreet design. Another feature that makes it stand out from the competitors is the very easy to use dispenser, which minimizes spilling risks.

Key features

  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Anodized finish
  • Unique pen-like discreet design
  • Very easy one-handedly wielded electric dispenser
  • Rechargeable micro-USB battery

#10 Mendo Mulcher weed grinder

Mendo Mulcher Weed Grinder Reviews

Together with Kannastör and Space Case, Mendo Mulchers are among the oldest grinders still produced. Founded back in 1998, Mendo Mulcher is actually older than the two aforementioned. When browsing the web you might think the website hasn’t been updated since then either. But don’t be fooled by appearances! The Mendo Mulchers are an actual diamond in the rough in this respect.

If you’ve been reading this entire blog post top to bottom, you will notice that we acclaim a lot of the grinders in our top 11 with A-grade materials. This indeed is also the case with the Mendo Mulcher. It is crafted from billet aluminum 6061-T6 by a CNC machine. Which, in language that you can relate to, means that a same kind of aluminum is used as in the manufacturing of yachts and aircraft wings. And the machine is computer-controlled to ensure pixel-perfect manufacturing.

Apart from its awesome materials and manufacturing this grinder stands out design-wise as well. Compared to most available grinders out there, Mendo Mulchers have a lot more teeth packed in their grinder. They have an astonishing 88 grinding teeth. On average, that is twice the amount other grinders have. You will definitively notice the difference when you try it out.

Especially for the more experienced smokers among you, the Mendo Mulcher can be quite an enlightening surprise. The start of the first twist seems to be a bit tougher, due to the larger initial friction produced by the 88 teeth. But very quickly you’ll notice that it glides into a very smooth grind, producing a very fine ground herb.

The good quality product combined with the finest grinding you’ll stumble upon on this list makes the Mendo Mulcher worthy of a place in our top 11. The huge amount of grinding teeth produces a truly unique grinding experience. A nice pick for the readers of you that have been through their fair share of grinders.

Key features:

  • 88 grinding teeth (twice more than average grinders)
  • Curved placement of grinding teeth for minimal build up
  • High-grade aluminum
  • Full lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

#11 Pokemon Pokeball weed grinder

Pokemon Pokeball Weed Grinder Reviews

Alright, we have to be very honest with you. You did probably already think to yourself “really, that does not look like a good quality grinder…”. And you’re right in some respects. But bear with us, we promise to give you the god-honest truth about this grinder. So make up your mind after reading this. Maybe you’ll buy your friend one because it is a nice gift.

So we’ll start off with some of its obvious disadvantages. First (and maybe not that obvious from the picture) it is actually not that big. Relatively especially the entire device is quite large compared to the size of the grinder it harbors. Second, ergonomically it does not sit very comfortably in the hand while grinding because of its round shape. Third and finally there is a trait that applies only to some of us. But the magnetic top can feel a bit off-balance when grinding.

But, this grinder does have a few aspects that made it end up on our list. We also took design into consideration. And you’ve got to give it to the makers; it is a crafty design. Whether you’ve liked Pokemon when you were young, or are a start-up-smoker and still plays around with them once in a while (it doesn’t matter, we won’t tell anyone Ash 😉 ), it does have some nostalgic value. Also, it makes quite a good gift, even if it’s just to mess a little with your friend.

Apart from the funky design, the quality of the product is actually quite high. The teeth are remarkably sharp and because of the sound design, the grinder inside is very durable. And all that for a very competitive price. For the Yoda OG smokers and Star Wars lovers among you, know that the Death Star grinder made our choice very difficult. But the higher quality of the Pokemon Pokeball grinder made the scales tip in its favor for the purposes of our list.

So to sum it all up, this is Pokemon Pokeball grinder is definitively the odd one out in our otherwise high-quality, high-functionality top 11 cannabis grinders. The few disadvantages that come with this grinder are offset by the nostalgic and cool design, combined with a relatively good manufactured product. With a price of less than $15 it makes a good product to have and a better one to give as a present.

Key features

  • Cool, nostalgic Pokeball design
  • Durable design
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Relatively low price

How to Use a Weed Grinder

Tip for the pros

For most of you that have some years of experience in the marijuana scene, this section won’t offer any break-through insights. So we tried to incorporate some tips and tricks that we ourselves thought to be quite useful. And with some modesty, we dare to say that this was not our first year of smoking cannabis.

  • For a more finely ground herb, there’s a simple trick. Grab ahold of your grinder and turn in upside down. This way you ensure the weed is ground exactly to your liking. This especially comes in handy when your good old grinder has been around for some years and the teeth are starting to lose their edge.
  • For an entirely new Cannabis sensation, try Cannabis Oil. Of course, you can buy your oil online, but it’s actually quite easy to make it at home. Try our very easy recipe to make your own cannabis oil.

When you have just bought your first grinder, or are considering buying one, here are some more tips for when you’re just getting started.

The basics – the difference between a 2 piece and a 4 piece.

These are the two most common varieties in the market. A 2 piece grinder is comprised, as the name suggests, of two pieces: a top lid and a bottom. Both have grinding teeth on the inside. You just put your herb in just off the middle, to ensure the teeth can do their work, close the lid and rotate top and bottom in opposite directions. When you feel the marijuana is ground to your liking (just have a look inside and continue grinding otherwise) tap the bottom on your table to release the weed and start doing your magic. A 4 piece works in the exact same way, with two major difference.

Looked at from the top, the lid and second piece work almost the same as a two piece. The second piece has holes in the bottom which allow the weed to pass through to the compartment between the second and third piece once ground finely enough. The second and third piece are usually fixed together by screwing the two parts together (this also goes for the third and fourth piece). The compartment between the second and third piece thus work as a sort of reservoir. The bottom of the third piece is then made from some kind of sieve. This works as a filter.

The ground weed isn’t small enough to pass through the filter and stays in the second compartment. While grinding though, something called kief can fall from the cannabis. These are also crystal-like particles that fall off the cannabis flowers and pass the filter on the bottom of the third piece to fall into the compartment between the third and fourth piece. It typically contains much more THC, one of the active substances in marijuana.

Tips for the top compartment

  • When first grinding the best tip is to not put the weed exactly in the middle. You’ll notice soon enough that this will make it very difficult to close the lid. Moreover, there aren’t any grinding teeth there. So always make sure you put your cannabis in just beside the middle
  • As soon as you’re ready to grind you’ll notice that it takes some effort to turn and move the bottom and top. The weed inside the grinder heightens the friction, so this is very common. When you get through the first two or three movements the grinding experience should smoothen. Also, this is the reason all more experienced smokers look for the sharpest grinding teeth they can get their hands on. And why they are willing to pay quite a lot more for a high-quality grinder such as the Santa Cruz.

Tips for the second compartment

  • When you notice that less weed is coming through and you have to grind longer and longer, take a look at the holes in the second piece. After a while, little piece of weed may get stuck in the hole because of the stickiness of some strains of weed. Just take a toothpick for example and push them through. When you start to encounter this effect more often it might be time to clean your grinder.

Tips for the third compartment

  • The pollen collector as it is commonly referred to is the last compartment of the most common 4 piece grinder. It collects the pollen, the little crystals or kief with high concentrations of THC. On a larger scale, this kief is used to press hasjies with. For household use, use a scraper (commonly provided with your grinder) or a little piece of paper to scrape the pollen from the bottom. Sprinkle a little in jour joint before rolling, use in your vaporizer or mix it through your brownie dough for an extra kick. Just a small amount of this fairy dust is enough to lighten the spirits.

What to look for in a Weed Grinder?

Especially when you’re considering a weed grinder that you want to use more often than once or twice a year, for all you skateboarders out there, there’s quite the range of features to look out for when buying on. Most of these features, of course, come at a price. So read carefully through this section to decide which features are worth paying a little extra for. Typically cheaper weed grinders are much lower in quality. This can have some serious disadvantages.

Plastic. First, a common mistake is to go for a plastic weed grinder. The grinding teeth of these type of grinders break off quite easily. And in general, the teeth of these weed grinders wear off much quicker than metal ones, making you spend more money in the long run. Also plastic is much harder to clean. Usually, an aluminum weed grinder is worth your dollar.

Magnets. You might have found a lot of weed grinders mentioning a range of different quality magnets incorporated in their weed grinders. The most important use of this is that it holds the lid better attached to the rest. That way, when you knock it over accidentally you won’t immediately throw your weed all over the floor.

Quality aluminum. The first thing to consider is the grade of your aluminum. A lot of weed grinders praise themselves with aircraft-grade aluminum. This kind of aluminum is a little stronger than other types of aluminum and makes sure little chips or flakes of aluminum fall of less easily.

Second anodized aluminum usually is usually worth it to spend a few extra bucks on. This makes the surface more durable and less prone to scratches. Also, it makes sure the more sticky herbs don’t stick to the grinder. This is especially annoying when parts of cannabis get stuck in the holes of the second piece between the first and second compartment.

Hey guys! My name is Anthony Ellsworth and I am passionate about nature and everything it has to offer. This passion has led me to study biology later on in life and lots of exploring. Now, together with my beautiful wife Jennifer, it has become our goal to share all the knowledge that we have built up together through the years. If you have any questions or what so ever feel free to ask them anytime!





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