“2 of 4 Powerful Ways to Market CBD Online”

” 2 of 4 Powerful Ways to Market CBD Online”

I hope you found our suggestion on creating content useful! As mentioned last week  It is no secret that marketing CBD online has its fair share of obstacles. To find success, you must be creative and really focus on the audience that you are trying to attract. You must connect with them personally and help be a part of the solution in managing their day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, in the CBD industry, it can be difficult to take advantage of Paid Advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or YouTube because of their policies. Additionally, the language that you use is very important when promoting CBD as you can not make health or medical claims such as “relieves pain” or “reduces inflammation”.

Now, it doesn’t mean you should abandon ship just because there are waves in the water. There are many ways to successfully market your CBD products if you are willing to be diligent and creative. Today we will focus on one marketing opportunity you can take advantage of to start attracting leads and converting online sale. NOTE: This works great for retail and wholesale!

The 2nd Powerful Way to Market CBD Online is with Influencers

Market CBD Online

Work with Influencers to Help Market Your CBD Product

Influencer marketing can be done in many different ways from local to national celebrities, and industry-specific influencers to influencers who cater to a certain audience based on affinity. You may be asking yourself, “Who makes a good influencer?”. Simply put, an influencer is someone who has a large social following.


If you are targeting a local market, approaching a gym owner or trainer would be a good place to start. They have an audience who is concerned about their health and look to them for recommendations and guidance. Depending on your audience, you may look to people who simply have large followings in your local community and who are also open to sharing a message about CBD. Switching gears a bit, if you are targeting a national audience, you may want to look to celebrities to endorse your product or even people who have influence in specific industries to get the word out about your products. Move your business to the next level and work with influencers, the 2 of 4 Powerful Ways to Market CBD Online

Market with Influencers: “2 of 4 Powerful Ways to Market CBD Online”

You may be saying yourself now, “How do I get them to promote my products?”. Well, that depends. On a more local level it may be as easy as giving them samples of your products to try for themselves with the idea that they will give honest feedback to their audience. Now that comes with some risks because they may not like your product and give a negative review. That is a risk you must take if you believe in your product.

More often than not when people receive something for free they are appreciative. The worst that happens is that you get some feedback on how to improve your product. If you are talking about a more polarized individual who has a lot of value attached to their brand, you will need to not only send them samples, but potentially pay them for their services.

If you need help coming up with some ideas to reach out to influencers or channels or platforms to do it, I am happy to help.


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