3 of 4 Powerful Ways To Navigate Selling CBD Online

We are going to cover another great way to market your CBD company online. This one can go over very well as long as you are consistent and actually trying to ADD VALUE

The 3rd way to market your CBD product online is…

Email Marketing: Your Best Online Marketing Distribution Tool

Having someone say specifically or metaphorically, “Yes, send me information from your business on a regular basis” is gold in the marketing world. Especially in the CBD Industry with all of the restrictions and limitations. In the online marketing arena, email is a top tool in connecting with customers and increasing sales. Email marketing is a two-part system. The first part is collecting information and the second is staying in touch with those that you collect information from. 


You can collect people’s information in numerous ways in the online world. Here are two you can apply today:


  1. When someone purchases a product online you will receive their contact information. That isn’t them saying “send away” to all your marketing emails, but you can send them follow up emails to keep in touch and even ask them to join your subscriber list. Save yourself some of the hassle though and during the checkout process create a field that has a checkbox asking them to join your email mailing list. Once they do so, it is game on.
  2. You can create a lead magnet on your website. A lead magnet is typically a piece of digital downloadable content that is in the form of a free report, checklist, ebook, video, etc. In order for someone to get access to this content, what must they agree to do? Give you their email address and contact information with permission to send your regular information. The goal here is not to be sales-y all the time with your information, but to keep them informed, educated, appreciated, and, most of all, entertained. 

Bring It All Together!


There is a world of opportunities to market your brand online, but the key is staying focused. It is worth your time to invest in the areas that can help establish your brand and resonate with your target market. This industry is currently the wild, wild west, which is certain to change as regulations roll out. Be smart and take the right actions now to keep your business around for the long haul. 


If you need help navigating your marketing journey, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you navigate the CBD Industry with confidence and success. 

Once you collect the information, it is best to have a direct link to your email marketing service (Mail Chimp, Get Response, Constant Contact, etc.) so they can automatically be added to your list. If that is something you don’t have the knowledge or resources to accomplish, adding them to a spreadsheet will work for the time being, as well. The long term goal should be to move towards automation, but we will get to that in future ebooks related to 3 of 4 powerful Ways.


Now you have your customers information, what the heck do you send them and how? First, sign up for Mail Chimp, Get Response, or Constant Contact. They all either have free versions or free trials to get you started. Once you are signed up, the consistent communication begins. If you are just getting started, a bi-weekly or monthly email will suffice for staying in contact with customers. Plus, you don’t want to overwhelm them with information to turn them off to your brand and products. Remember the goal: Build trust and credibility! Once they get to know, like, and trust you, they have a good chance at being your customer for life.


What goes in your emails is important to keeping your audience engaged. Consider adding content around the following topics:


  • New product information 
  • Special Offers
  • Videos
  • Blog
  • Testimonials 
  • Calls-to-Action 


All of the mentioned email systems have free learning portals that teach you how to use them and best practices for email marketing. Make sure to check them out. 

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