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Brian Lytle is a pioneer in the hemp CBD space. Before getting involved in the hemp industry, Brian was in sales and consulting positions. He admits when he first started in his sales career he was not the best. He was hungry, but he did not have the proper skills to meet his ambition, so he dove into sales programs, communication courses and public speaking programs like Toastmasters, Dale Carnegie, Grant Cardone, and several others.

The skills learned he applied immediately and starting closing sales consistently. Brian was top sales person at the last two companies he worked for. Brian then decided to pursue his passion in fitness and go the entrepreneur route and started his own business then opened and grew a successful personal training company, his understanding of the human body and how it works (our physiology) is what lit his passion for CBD (CBD affects our physiology). It is with the same passion and knowledge that Brian applies these principles to his work with CBD. Over the past 5 years Brian has started two CBD companies that have each grown to upwards of 1 million dollars in the first year. In addition to ownership roles, he has also been involved in manufacturing and distribution of CBD products.

Why Work With Brian?

1. ) Save potentially years of time and thousands of dollars by eliminating trial and error guesswork
2.) Scale your business quicker with proven methods
3.) ​​Maximize the ROI of your sales and marketing dollars
4.) Create an organization with rock star sales people
5.) Access to the best companies in the cannabis space, whether you need help sourcing or formulating
6.) Make MORE money in LESS time and help CHANGE the world while doing it!



  • Brian’s system is amazing and has jump started my business like crazy! He gives TONS of information and training and I will be working with him for years!

  • Hiring Brian Lytle as a Business mentor and sales coach in 2018 was the single best business decision I made last year. His passion and energy are contagious. Fast forward 10 months and now my business is exploding with growth from the systems we developed.

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