Avatar Worksheet – Learn who your perfect customer is and what they want 




Whether you are a business owner, company executive, a sales person or in marketing it will benefit you tremendously to know your Avatar. You will save months if not years of headache by doing so. For example: If you are selling CBD you know that a 1000mg tincture can be used by MANY people. Although it would be nice to have everyone using and buying your product it isn’t realistic and is the path of MOST RESISTANCE. It is best to be hyper focused than broad and unfocused. In short an Avatar is your “ideal” customer. The person that wants and needs what you offer. I have created a worksheet for you to create or refine your Avatar.


“It is no secret that marketing CBD online has its fair share of obstacles.”


To find success, you must be creative and really focus on the audience that you are trying to attract. You must connect with them personally and help be a part of the solution in managing their day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, in the CBD industry, it can be difficult to take advantage of Paid Advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or YouTube because of their policies. Additionally, the language that you use is very important when promoting CBD as you can not make health or medical claims such as “relieves pain” or “reduces inflammation”.


Now, it doesn’t mean you should abandon ship just because there are waves in the water. There are many ways to successfully market your CBD products if you are willing to be diligent and creative. Today we will focus on four marketing opportunities you can take advantage of to start attracting leads and converting online sales:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing



CBD (Cannabidiol) is all the rage these days.

Before diving headfirst into the industry, you absolutely must consider four key factors: your investment capacity, your team of people, and your target market.



In order to stand out and rise to the top, your initial investments will include:

Product Development- A top-notch product must first be formulated using high-quality ingredients from reputable sources. 

Branding Development- In order to stand out in the market, you must create a logo, a website, marketing material, mission/vision statements, content for the launch and ongoing promotion, etc.

Compliance – To be a reputable brand, you must become compliant with industry standards and stay compliant.



Before you even get started on creating your own CBD brand, you must set your eyes on a specific market for your products.



The key to success is developing a tight-knit internal team with strong strategic partnerships to help get you started and then stay afloat.



Why Hire a CBD COnsultant? Like in many other industries, a consultant can provide a fresh look with an outside perspective. 


Developing your CBD Brand and Establishing your Digital Presence

Building your digital presence is one of the first steps in establishing your business identity locally. An online presence helps people find you when searching for CBD products in their area.


Google My Business

The first, and most simple, step in taking control of your brand and giving it local representation is to claim and build your Google My Business Page.


Social Media

Continuing on down the line of establishing your online presence, you should delve in to the world of social media.  Adding a Facebook Page is a must, and potentially an Instagram Page if you feel you have high-quality photos and/or videos to share with your audience.



Your online presence is not complete without the mother of all marketing tools: your website. There’s an old adage, “Do not build your brand on rented land.”, and in this case, your website is one of the few pieces of digital marketing that you actually own.

Wrapping It All Together


There are a plethora of options to pursue when it comes to your digital marketing, but these three areas will give you the foundation to launch your CBD brand to your local community.  Once you get these three in line, then you can move into the areas of things such as display marketing and retargeting.  More to come on those advanced marketing techniques.

“Local CBD Marketing:”

Making the Most of In-Person Interactions


In-person interactions are of the utmost importance for growing your business locally. People make buying decisions based on three things: A need for a product, a means to get said product, and you being the company that they trust from which to buy the product. Trust is hugely important in the CBD industry! You don’t want to unintentionally gain a reputation as the “magic snake oil guy who sells overpriced gimmicks”. You have to establish yourself as the person that sells a valuable product that can truly help most people in their daily lives. In this eBook, we are going to cover how to create your elevator pitch and how to take advantage of different opportunities to connect with people in person about your CBD company.


Your in-person interactions are key to growing your local business. It is all about building strong relationships and expanding your circle of influence. Before you embark on any of these ways to connect with people, arm yourself with your elevator pitch variations that you so eloquently crafted. Remember practice, take action, revise, and repeat. 


Once you get your pitch ingrained in your brain, it’s time to start actively meeting new people through networking and local community events. Don’t assume people are just going to walk through your door and buy your CBD products. You need to go out, find them, build some rapport, and continue to follow up with them keeping them informed of all you have to offer to their lives. 


Check this EBOOK to learn more

See you there!


Your Guide on How to Create emails that will help your CBD Wholesale Business get more LEADS.


Your prospect’s inbox is quite a busy place.

Other wholesalers, marketers and salespeople are
sending them emails, offering them something –
including you.

But did you know that 71% of buyers want to hear
something new when they are thinking of a new product
or idea?

Despite the chaos in email, cold emailing is one of the
most effective ways to reach your prospects.

But you may ask…



Here in Brian Lytle Consulting, we want you to win.

We want you to grow your CBD wholesale business.

That’s why we are sharing the best cold email practices
in sales prospecting.