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Local CBD Marketing: Establishing your Digital Presence with GMB


Building your digital presence is one of the first steps in establishing your business identity locally. An online presence helps people find you when searching for CBD products in their area. Additionally, think of this as a way to strengthen your brand and establish credibility with current and potential customers. Keep in mind that, even if you do not currently have an online presence, many of your customers do, and they could be talking about you. If those reviews are mostly positive, then great! But if there is negative feedback floating around cyberspace with no damage control on your part, it could be harming your business without you even knowing it. 

Google My Business

The first, and most simple, step in taking control of your brand and giving it local representation is to claim and build your Google My Business Page. If you haven’t claimed this listing already, don’t worry, it is simple. Search your business on Google (They will probably have an unclaimed listing already available, where they scrape information from the internet to pull your profile together.). When it turns up in the listing you should be able to click a link that says, “Claim this page”. Once you do that the process is pretty straightforward as Google leads you down an intuitive path to building your profile. 


Keep in mind that your listing is the front line of your marketing people will see in your local area when searching products or services you offer online. Make sure to have pictures, written content describing your business, and correct contact information to go along with your profile. I suggest updating this daily (or at least a couple times per week), treat this like you would any other social platform and post relevant content and offers for your business. Google essentially wants you to provide enough information on this platform for local search that people don’t even have to go to your website to make a decision. The perk of starting with your Google Business Page is that it is free and simple to set up.


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