What is Green Light Marketing?

GLM is a full service solution that will help your CBD business (existing or new) sell more products. 

The best way to describe GLM is it is like having a dedicated salesperson prospecting and selling for you day in and day out. In a sense it is just that. You have access to a team of trained reps that are working for you all day.

GLM accomplishes this through building awareness, education and feedback. We combine direct marketing with traditional and modern outreach practices. GLM utilizes 3 tools (Phone, Social Media and E-mail) combined with the GLM system (which was developed through two years of trial and error in the CBD industry) to deliver outstanding results for your business. Brian used the GLM strategy way before he gave it the name of GLM. It was created to navigate the challenging marketing landscape of the CBD industry and to multiply his efforts. After incorporating it he grew two of his companies to over 1 million the first 12 months.

sales funnel

One thing that is for certain is that traditional marketing practices for mainstream industries do not apply to the CBD industry

For example, we cannot use Facebook, Instagram and Google the same way (or as easily)as someone in the fitness industry can. Effective marketing in our industry requires true creativity and experience in the CBD industry. That is precisely what GLM provides for your business.

GLM was built from the ground up for CBD businesses selling to other businesses. It was developed over years of fine tuning and has proven to be highly effective. 

To sum up GLM – we are a turn-key solution to increase the sales of your products and services.

We deliver highly targeted leads and can even close those leads for you.


GLM is a 3 month process of building relationships.

During that 3 month process we are generating leads through…

  • BUILD AWARENESS: Your customer learns who you are and what you do
  • INFORM & GAIN FEEDBACK: Position you as the expert
  • GAIN FAMILIARITY & TRUST: Offer them a solution to their problem
  • CLOSE SALE: Us or you


The first 7-10 days will be on-boarding. During this time we will get to know your business and your products inside and out. In addition on-boarding will include discovering your target market and identifying your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, all of this information that we gather during on-boarding will be used to craft your Avatar. Think of your Avatar as your perfect customer. Once we have created your Avatar, lead generation will begin. 

Who can GLM can help?

  • Any CBD Business that sell B2B (Brands, Manufacturers, Brokers, Service Providers)
  • CBD Businesses looking to increase sales of their products or services
  • CBD Businesses with small, medium or one man sales team
  • CBD Businesses that have already laid the foundation of their company

For example: Proper fulfillment is set up, You have inventory to fulfill orders and you set up a process to onboard a customer and a system to keep track of them(If you are a newly formed company and do not have your foundation laid, we can help with that – so please contact us – but Green Light Marketing is not the right solution for you)

Why Use GLM?

  • Traditional marketing does not work for the CBD industry
  • We have years of successful CBD industry sales and marketing experience
  • We are flexible – we can either enhance -or- replace your existing sales and marketing team
  • You will save thousands of dollars compared to finding, hiring and training sales people
  • We give you the ability to start scaling ASAP and making more sales
  • We deliver exceptional results
  • We work with 1 Company per sub-niche. This is to ensure we do not have a conflict of interest. We look at everyone as a partner.


Fun Fact: 42.5% of sales reps take 10 months or longer to become productive enough to contribute to company goals. — Accenture

GLM reps are ready to go on day one. This saves you time and money with training.


Please make sure you meet the criteria set above to be eligible for this service and schedule and appointment using the calendar below. 

Once the presentation is sent, we will send you our qualification checklist to ensure that the GLM is right for you. I would like to emphasize that GLM is not for everyone.

A question to ask yourself is “Are you ready to scale your business?”.

Not just mentally but with the right systems and processes to ensure you can take on new business. If the answer is “Yes”, then please fill out the form and schedule a presentation. If the answer is “No”, please do not waste our time or yours.