Local CBD Marketing: Establishing your Digital Presence with Social Media

Local CBD Marketing: Establishing your Digital Presence with Social Media


Last week I went over one way to establish your digital presence online. That was with Google My Business. This week I will cover one that has the power to transform your business if done right! Building your digital presence is one of the first steps in establishing your business identity locally. An online presence helps people find you when searching for CBD products in their area. Additionally, think of this as a way to strengthen your brand and establish credibility with current and potential customers. Keep in mind that, even if you do not currently have an online presence, many of your customers do, and they could be talking about you. If those reviews are mostly positive, then great! But if there is negative feedback floating around cyberspace with no damage control on your part, it could be harming your business without you even knowing it. 

Social Media

Continuing on down the line of establishing your online presence, you should delve in to the world of social media.  Adding a Facebook Page is a must, and potentially an Instagram Page if you feel you have high-quality photos and/or videos to share with your audience. A Facebook page adds another level of credibility to your business, and allows you to build an audience base to market your products. Here, you can spread your message to your community about CBD and the impact you want to make on people’s health. The one thing you have to remember with social media is that it is about sharing news and information. You can share sales messages on here, but don’t make that your only message. You need to find a way to get people talking and keep them engaged. One of the best ways to do that is to create video and blog content and share it with your audience. Between your Facebook Page and your Google Business Page, encourage customers to leave reviews as it will help you rank higher in search engine results and in your potential customers’ minds. 

Local CBD Marketing

The goal no matter if you have a retail store or a wholesale business is the same. That is to build awareness and increase revenue. The way you go about that will be different. For example if you have a retail store you will want to take pictures showing how you engage with your customers, etc. If you have a wholesale business (we will assume you have your own hemp brand). If that is the case one thing that can be effective is finding a well known influencer or two in your area and collaborating with them. This can even be a micro influencer. Those that have small followings but are known in your local area. Either give products for feedback or pay them to promote your product on their page(s). 

Reach out to us if you have any questions or need help executing ideas, coming up with ideas or both!

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