Employee Sales Training

I work with both business owners and employees to ensure everyone interacting with these products has a working understanding of CBD itself, in addition to the most efficient ways to sell the products. Knowing how to gauge what a potential customer is looking for and having the ability to guide them through the process is just as important as knowing the details of the products. With my guidance, your employees will be confident and eager to sell CBD.

Marketing (Discover Your Target Market)

When marketing your business and your products, it is important to know your target audience. My services include helping you discover your ideal customer, and using that notion to maximize sales and grow your business.

Lead Generation

Just as it is essential to know who your target audience is, it is necessary to be able to reach them. I will walk you through several different methods of gaining clients you did not even know existed, creating a strong, repeat customer base.

Wholesale Growth Strategy

Part of my package includes information regarding wholesale strategy and growth. Under my guidance two independent CBD companies have grown sales to top $1million within the first year. Repetition is the key to success, this is what I do.

Product Development and Selection Strategy

Since CBD is a newer industry, there is a lot of room for new products to hit the market. I will walk you through what has worked, what has not, and where there is room to create.


The CBD industry is not well regulated. If you do any research into CBD, one of the first things that will become clear is the need to pick products based on third party testing and qualifications such as organic and fair trade. I will guide you through the proper channels to make sure your product does not set off any red flags for potential clients.

Systems and Processes to Scale

An issue some encounter when starting their own business is being too successful, and not being able to keep up. This is the best problem you could encounter as a new business. As I mentioned before, I have years of experience scaling CBD businesses and streamlining everyday functionality.

Hemp CBD Education

Knowing the science behind CBD is incredibly important for those in the industry and for those looking to use the product. There is no lack of disinformation out there surrounding the effects of CBD on the body, risks, benefits, and dosing strategies. I have several classes available to you to make sure you have an in depth understanding of how CBD works.

Free Consultation

Send a message and set up a time to talk. See how Brian can help. He can guarantee you will learn something to implement in your business after your initial consult that will help you make progress immediately!