G.L.S.S. Green Light Sales System

Green Light Sales System 



Green Lights Sales System

G.L.S.S. is designed for those in the CBD business and are in sales, a business owner or have a sales team without a training program but want to maximize their potential. I would also add that it is for those that hate the idea of a pushy annoying sales person!

G.L.S.S. is designed for those that get paid to close.


Green Light Sales System has 9 Modules and covers everything from:

  • Target market prospecting, so you are not wasting time.
  • How to build instant rapport over the phone or in  person.
  • Question gathering.
  • Overcoming hemp industry objections.
  • Lead generation follow up and closing

G.L.S.S Modules:

Module 1: Laying A Strong Foundation

Module 2: Generating Interest Through Questions

Module 3: Present Targeted Solutions

Module 4: Overcoming Objections

Module 5: Motive and Commitment

Module 6: Sales Presentation Kickoff

 Module 7: Three Types of Salespeople

Module 8: Opportunity Chart and Prospecting

Module 9: Green Light Follow Up

CBD Wholesale Blueprint

CBD Wholesale Blueprint



CBD Wholesale Blueprint

The CBD market is projected to grow $4 billion by 2022 especially after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill – the legalization of industrial hemp production across the United States, this bill laid the ground for the production and sale of CBD products made from hemp.

With the high demand for cannabidiol products in retail, entrepreneurs are pivoting to sell CBD in bulk. As consumers are getting more sophisticated over time, they learn more about CBD and approach the products with clever taste, you have to make sure your products stand out. While CBD has cemented its popularity, the risk of being in this business can multiply tenfold. Unlike any normal consumer goods, CBD has been under the microscope from the day it was discovered.

Even after the Farm Bill has passed, CBD is under the special scrutiny of regulators such as the FDA. This guide was created to help emerging and thriving hemp-derived CBD wholesalers as the develop their brands and build their retail networks. 


It includes advice on the following: 

  • How to track your leads and follow up with them 
  • Checklist on what to look for in your CBD supplier
  • How to approach retail stores to sell your products
  • How to improve marketing outreach to your retailers  and even Drop shipping


CBD Wholesale Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction about the Hemp CBD Industry
Chapter 2: About your supplier
Chapter 3: Setting your wholesale price
Chapter 4: How to approach retail stores to sell your product
Chapter 5: Selling wholesale to retailers
Chapter 6: How to pitch your product to a store
Chapter 7: Drop shipping
Chapter 8: Bonus Tips on CBD Label Compliance and Compliant Copyrighting 

As a BONUS the Green Light Sales System comes with ONE FREE strategy *session


Strategy *session can be one of several topics:

CBD industry compliance (with our licensed attorney)

Marketing strategy

Business preparation and Planning

Sales strategy

Lead generation


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