CBD Industry: What is an Avatar and Why it's Important to Have One

In this short video I cover what an Avatar is and why it is important to know who your Avatar is. An Avatar is important for any business but especially us in the CBD industry. Whether you are a business owner or executive, a sales person or in marketing it will benefit you tremendously to know your Avatar. You will save months if not years of headache by doing so. If you are selling CBD you know that a 1000mg tincture can be used by MANY people. Although it would be nice to have everyone using and buying your product it isn’t realistic and is the path of MOST RESISTANCE. It is best to be hyper focused than broad and unfocused. In short an Avatar is your “ideal” customer. The person that wants and needs what you offer. I have created a worksheet for you to create or refine your Avatar.



Good Salesperson VS a Bad Salesperson

Daily I get called on by a sales professional. Some good and some bad. Lately, I have been contacted by some subpar sales people. Before I go into this post I have to say I have a great amount of respect for good sales people, sales people in my opinion are the reason the United States is one of the greatest nations. Unfortunately, a bad sales person is the reason people might not agree with my last statement. But either way you look at it, without sales a business doesn’t exist and either does capitalism.

I felt compelled to share my thoughts on what I feel makes a good sales person and a bad one. The good sales people I’ve trained had and have these basic qualities as a foundation…



Asks questions

Follows through



But the bad…



Does not ask questions

No follow through

Lies- desperate


If you noticed I just touched on the basics of a good sales person vs a bad sales person. Now I need to make a video on what makes a GREAT salesperson.


What do you think is ONE bad, good and GREAT quality of a salesperson?


Tip For Hemp Industry Sales Professionals: Other Person's Perspective

Key to sales success: Try and see things from the customer’s perspective
Most of us have made bad decisions in our lives, so it is not because the customer doesn’t appreciate your product or service, it is because they don’t want to make another bad decision.
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