Weed Vaporizers: 7 Things You Should Know Before Vaping

Since the rise of the vape pens and E-Cigs, a new way of smoking cannabis has emerged. Weed Vaporizers have become the more efficient and healthier way of smoking marijuana. However, with the word ‘vape’ even being the word of the year in 2014, as a result, the amount and sorts of vaporizers grew rapidly. If you like many others can’t see the forest for its trees anymore, then in that case, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain all you need to know about Weed vaporizers for beginners as well as for advanced users.

What’s a Weed Vaporizer

Weed vaporizers come in all sorts of sizes and shapes but in the same way, they all have one thing in common, they heat up the dry herb or cannabis oil enough in the manner of transmitting the active ingredients without any burning.

Types of Weed Vaporizers Explained

With the explosive growth of Weed vaporizers, as a rule, we have made an overview of the different kinds of Weed vaporizers that is probably available on the market.

Desktop vaporizer











Desktop vaporizers are actually the bigger vaporizers that often stay at home and more likely need to be plugged into a power source. These kinds of vaporizers usually come with a tube and mouth-pice and sometimes a plastic bag for the vapor. The great benefit of these bigger vaporizers is the ability to adjust the temperature. because different kinds of cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures and therefore can be set for personal preference of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Desktop vaporizer

In addition, compared with cheaper vaporizers a desktop vaporizer will provide better flavor to the vaped weed. However, as you might expect desktop vaporizers are definitely more expensive and not really portable.

Portable dry herb/flower vaporizers









The portable dry herb vaporizer is significantly smaller than the desktop vaporizer and runs on a battery instead of a power plug. It works by opening the pen and placing the dry herb in the chamber. The herb will be heated until the vape can be inhaled by the user. This kind of vaporizer is smaller than a desktop vaporizer which makes it a more suitable traveling partner.

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The big disadvantage of these vaporizers is the ability to set the right temperature. The ability to set the temperature is often limited by one or just a few fixed temperatures, This makes them less suitable for finding the perfect personal cannabinoid and terpene mix.

Portable oil vaporizers







The oil vaporizers work the same as the dry herb vaporizers and also come with a battery for use. Instead of heating up dry herb these vaporizers heat up an oil concentrate. The vaporizer can be filled with CO2 oil or your own cannabis oil. Because the oil lasts longer than dry herb it doesn’t have to be replaced regularly making it less noticeable for public use.  However, getting the correct consistency of oil can be hard and some ingredients used for CO2 oil could be harmful.

Benefits of using a Weed Vaporizer

The great difference between vaping and smoking is that a vaporizer heats up the herb to the right temperature. Smoking weed has a much greater burning temperature causing most beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes to be burned. By vaping these potentially healing cannabinoids are still entering your body. In addition, because the herb is not burned a lot of harmful toxins will not enter your lungs making it a more healthy way of consuming cannabis.

Dry herbs are not burned but vaporized

Because the dry herbs are not burned but vaporized if will create the ability to taste far more clean and nuanced flavors.

Instead of rolling a joint every time you want to smoke, a weed vaporizer will be ready with one press on a button. This makes a weed vaporizer a less complicated method of consuming your buds.

A vaporizer is more discreet

While smoking a joint is very obvious and striking in public, a vaporizer is more discreet and also creates less of a cloud. This could be useful when you are out in public and still want to enjoy your herb like Leonardo Dicaprio.

a weed vaporizer is the most efficient method of marijuana intake. with a THC converting percentage of 46%, the vaporizer stands at the top in comparison with smoking, tea, or edibles. Therefore, in the long run, you will save money because you have to use less weed for the same effect.

Weed vaporizers and the perfect temperature

While smoking your buds will create combustion and high temperatures, vaping your weed actually cooks the buds. Because of the lower temperatures the different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are preserved and also inhaled. While 185 °C is an often used average temperature there are some differences. The suitable temperature line runs from 180 °C to 210 °C. Temperatures below 190 °C will create a more mental high while temperatures above 190 °C will create more of a body high.

Find the right temperature

To make sure you are able to find the right temperature that will suit you best, for this reason we have created an overlook of the most known cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and their own vaporizing temperatures.

Depending on how dry your buds are they will combust anywhere between 200 °C and 230 °C. So when you are experimenting with finding your personal temperature keep in mind you don’t want your buds to combust.

Different heating methods

Besides the difference in heating temperature, more likely Weed vaporizers also differ in the way they heat up the buds. While combustion is the old fashion way of smoking a joint a vaporizer can use conduction or convection to vaporize cannabis.


vaporizers that use conduction as the heating method will definitely direct heat up the buds via a metal surface. The buds are placed on the surface and heated up from below by a butane-powered chamber.


  • bigger vape cloud
  • easy in use
  • heat up fast
  • cheaper


  • inefficient heating
  • lower quality
  • often limited temperature control
  • less flavorful


Vaporizers that use convection, in that case, it heat up the herb by passing hot air through the herb. air will be sucked in from the outside and heated. When the air is hot enough it will be transferred to the herb chamber.


  • efficient heating
  • better temperature control
  • higher quality
  • more flavorful vapor


  • longer heating time
  • more expensive
  • smaller vape cloud


If you still can’t decide which heating method to choose don’t worry. There are also vaporizers on the market which have conduction and also convection combined in one vaporizer.

Weed vaporizers and cleaning

To make sure you can enjoy your vaporizer a long time and maintain the pure herb flavor it is important to keep your vaporizer clean. This video will show you the proper way to clean your vaporizer.

5 best weed vaporizers for sale in 2019

1. Mighty Storm & Bickel

This vaporizer is created by Storz & Bickel and is the overall best vaporizer for sale in 2018. It can be bought on their website for a price of $349.


  • temperature control
  • Great battery life


  • Large for a portable vaporizer
  • relatively expensive

2. Davinci IQ

This vaporizer is created by Davinci and is the best dry herb vaporizer for sale in 2018. You can buy it on their website for a price of $236,60.


  • 10-year warranty
  • removable and replaceable battery
  • highly portable


  • relatively expensive
  • can be hard to clean
  • draw resistance could be better

3. Atmos Jump

This vaporizer is created by Atmos and has the best value for money in 2018. You can buy it on their website for a price of $59,95.


  • Discreet appearance
  • very easy to use
  • highly portable


  • Long battery charge time
  • no temperature control
  • breakable plastic mouthpiece

4. V2 series 7

This vaporizer is created by V2 and was the best 3 in 1 vaporizer for sale in 2018.


  • compatible with dry herb, e-juices, and concentrates
  • temperature control
  • great dry herb chamber


    • short battery life
    • temperature settings on the high side
    • small vapor clouds

5. Firefly 2

This vaporizer is created by Firefly and is the vaporizer with the best flavor for sale in 2018. You can buy it on their website for a price of $329,95.


  • highly portable
  • removable battery
  • temperature control


  • relatively expensive
  • no beginners vaporizer
  • smaller capacity


Now that you know all there is to know about weed vaporizers, we certainly hope you are able to find a vaporizer that suits you best. If you already have a vaporizer you can use this guide to find the best vaping temperature and also how to properly clean your vaporizer. Don’t forget to share this guide and send us cool vaporize pictures or videos to our Instagram account. Vape ON!


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