Why Hire a CBD Consultant

Why Hire a CBD Consultant

The CBD industry, like so many others, is not necessarily an easy industry to navigate. With all the changing rules and regulations that vary from state to state, it can be tough to identify, continually pivot, and make the appropriate choices from the moment you begin and through the process of scaling your business. Hiring a consultant that has experience and expertise in this industry can really help you leap ahead of the pack. Not to mention, they can help with planning and even become a supporting member of your team. Like in many other industries, a consultant can provide a fresh look with an outside perspective. Additionally, and in some cases most importantly, a consultant can be your mentor and guide that will train you and your team to excel in the CBD Industry.


Expertise and Experience

Whether you are new to the CBD world or even well on your way, taking the next right step can be difficult because you don’t know which direction to choose. This is a common theme. At times we have good intuition and foresight, but that isn’t always the case. A consultant or advisor can provide you with guidance on what has worked for them, and what they have seen work in similar scenarios. It is important to work with someone who has a proven track record of success.


Help with Planning 

In business, the planning component can often be the most tedious and time-consuming.  It is tempting to take immediate action and seize opportunities, but taking the time to plan and create a pathway to move forward can save time in the long run and give you a solid foundation to decide whether to say yes or no to opportunities. A plan can also help you adapt and potentially pivot when challenges arise. Having a consultant help walk you through the planning process can provide accountability and the support you need to get leagues ahead of your competition.


Supplement Your Staff

Hiring a CBD consultant doesn’t only need to be hired for top level work, they can be hired to help compliment the work your staff is already performing. For instance, take a website designer. You probably don’t need to hire a person in this position full-time when getting started, but you can hire them on an as-needed basis to help you with all your website and e-commerce related work.  

Other roles to consider:

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Content Writer
  3. Videographer
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Human Resources
  6. Accounting
  7. Attorney

This list can go on for some time and essentially any of your staff can be hired as consultants, but the goal should be to start creating roles for full-time employees. 


Fresh Set of Eyes

One of the best aspects of a consultant is a fresh set of eyes to look at things from a different, and experienced, perspective. Oftentimes, we look to those that are closest to us, a family member, friend, or even work colleague, for guidance and insight in our personal lives. That is exactly the same reason you may look to hire a consultant in your business – because you value their opinions, thoughts, and advice. In some cases, you become far too close to the situation to make a clear decision, all while the answer might be right in front of your eyes. Don’t fret though, this is where consultants provide their value.   


Consultants often have a breadth of experiential knowledge due to working with numerous businesses, where they have seen many things work, and not work, before. You may find that they have navigated a similar problem in the past and can potentially bring an innovative solution or address challenges you may not have seen on your own. 


Mentoring and Training

Think about how often we wish we had someone to hand us a playbook for our business, or at least help us create one. A consultant can be there to mentor and train you and/or your team to get to through the next stage or stages of your business. In the beginning, this is often more intense with regard to time spent working with you, and, depending on the relationship and necessity, this frequency can last or start to decrease as your business develops. The true nature of working with a consultant is growing together, but there are definitely times where you outgrow the consultant and need a different set of fresh eyes.


Bringing this Full Circle

There are many good reasons, even beyond those explained above, to look to a consultant for help in your growing business. When deciding whether or not to hire one, don’t get stuck in decision paralysis. Typically, if you have thought about it more than a couple times, it is a sign to at least explore your options.


If you are curious to learn more, set up a quick call with us. We might just be a great fit. Regardless, we are happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

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